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The Granary Studios is here to empower people and their innate creativity.


We build pitch packages for the stories we are creatively invested in. We are an Indie Studio, therefore, we have a focus on the script development process and the building of worlds. Our area of creative focus is Indigenous driven and led stories. Genres we adore are science fiction, fantasy and adventure


We are not a services company. We are a Production Company who invests in creativity.


If you meet anyone of our team out in the wild please know that for very super-boring legal reasons, The Granary Studios does not accept unsolicited material. However, we do encourage the building of relationships with us - as you would build with a creative producer.

This isn't to say that we wouldn't offer our services out in the future to help you build your world, however, for transparencies sake we have a busy year ahead and are focusing internally.

“I feel that your ambitions should always exceed the budget. That no matter what budget you’re doing, you should be dreaming bigger than the budget you have, and then it’s a matter of reigning it in to the reality. You try to make things count.”

― Guillermo Del Toro

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