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Virtual Production is an umbrella term that covers a multitude of industry established workflows, concepts and technology. It is where we bring together the real world and digital world, live for everyone to immerse themselves within all captured in real-time.


ICVFX is when you utilise LED screens, this means you could be standing in a forest one minute and then hovering above the earth in a space station the next. It also grants you the flexibility to shoot a sunset all day long. What a dream for scheduling.

Virtual Production means visual effects are no longer just worked on in post-production after the live shoot portion has wrapped. Or one of our favourite benefits is that we no longer need to wait for offline renders to be able to see a project come to life. Now we get to iterate and collaborate throughout the entire production lifecycle.


The old mantra of “fix it in post” is now moving to “fix it in pre.”

This means we get to creatively thrive from ideation right through to delivery!

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