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Can Aotearoa make the screen our next primary industry?

The Granary Indie Virtual Production Screen LED wall Andre Chumko New Zealand

Original Stuff article written by Andre Chumko

A BIG THANK YOU to Stuff for featuring our co-founders!

Can Aotearoa make the screen our next primary industry? Andre Chumko challenges Kiwi's to consider the positive aspects that coincide with the growth of the New Zealand film industry. Here at The Granary Studios we are a resounding 'Yes Please!' and he does a marvellous job of sharing what our founders Amber Marie & Victor Naveira have been busy building these past couple of years. We're here to help support, amplify and build a sustainable local industry that is enriched with creative IP capability that is destined for the world stage - we want to see Aotearoa thrive in a variety of digital export spaces including film, technology and gaming!

Primary industries in New Zealand are a mix of businesses who produce, process and move goods around New Zealand and export to countries around the world. Primary industries of importance to New Zealand have historically included: Agriculture – Dairy and Meat & Wool. Forestry. Horticulture – including viticulture.

However, what could a Primary Industry for our Aotearoa film industry look like? Easier access to international funding and distribution platforms? Stronger collaborations with oversees production partners? Governance and safety measures for our local IP and Indigenous stories? The encouragement and promotion of IP creation, with a specific focus on film, television, gaming and animation products that have strong export potential?

What do you want the sector to focus on?


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